11 this habit makes You disliked

11 this habit makes You disliked

Each person had a story about meeting friends who initially impressed sucks, but it’s the nature of the original fun. In General, you only have a few seconds to make the person comfortable and want to be friends with you.

The following are the 11 behaviors that could make you disliked people, whether in cyberspace or the real world.

1. Too many photo sharing on Facebook

If you are the type of person who uploaded all the photos that happen in life on Facebook, ranging from honeymoon, cousin to graduation photo pets at once in one day, stop.
Study on the 2013 find that uploading too many photos on Facebook can disrupt relationships with friends in the real world.

“Because people outside a close friend and brother don’t feel connected to those who always image sharing about her life,” said David Houghton of Birmingham Business School in the release as reported by the Independent.

Specifically, your friends don’t like it when you upload too many family photos, so any otherwise.

Ben Marder from Edinburgh University who also examined studies that warns you to choosing their photos of anything that will be uploaded.

“Although sharing photos could also bring closer ties, which could also happen otherwise.”

2. Too many or too few friends on Facebook

In 2008, Michigan State University researchers found that the number of friends a safe enough so that your Facebook profile is the favored 300 friends.

People tend not to like on Facebook profiles that only have about 100 friends, as well as more than 300 people.


“Individuals who have too many friends impressed too focused on Facebook.”

3. Share a very personal thing since the beginning

In General, people get the more intimate after sharing a secret. However, psychologists say share a very personal thing since the beginning of the relationship — such as leaking that your brother had an affair — can make you unpopular.

The key is to share things that are sensible, such as hobbies or childhood memories that make you impressed as anyone.

4. always asking, never talk about yourself

People tend not to like when you don’t reply telling you about yourself when they are expressing personal things about themselves.

Although a shy person can so choose to listen rather than tell you about yourself, that option is not a good strategy for closer with others. Both parties should mutually interacting told me to get closer.

5. Uploading a profile picture close up

If your profile photo showed a close up of the face, try to replace it. Research from the California Institute of Technology said the photographs were taken from a distance of 45 cm is considered less interesting, competent and trustworthy than photos taken from a distance of 135 cm.

6. Hide your emotions
Shows the emotions and feelings better than hide it, based on research from the University of Oregon.

7. Being too good

Being nice is certainly makes you the more preferred, but science suggests the opposite. In an experiment, were in the team which contains people being too well thus making people look bad, there are also suspect there are shrimp behind the stone.

8. Be humble but showing off

Some folks able to envelop a show off ourselves with humble style aka “humblebragging”.
In a recent study, college students were asked to write an answer when asked about their weaknesses while job interview. More than three-quarters answered with that style, usually they confessed perfectionist or working too hard.

Based on research, their honesty over weakness had a greater chance of being accepted. Usually they write “I didn’t tidy” and “sometimes I overdo it to respond to the situation.”

Alternatively when you must disclose a weakness when interviewed work is talking about things that do not relate to the position you seek. For example, the fear of speaking in public when you’re applying for a job as a writer.

9. Too nervous

Don’t let you look nervous in front of other people. The more confident, the greater the tendency You liked someone else.

10. no smile
An experiment asking people rate the photos of a woman in a State of smiling and not smiling. Most of the participants liked the photos are smiling.

In addition, other studies show that smile when you first meet someone could make them will remember You at a later date.

11. Behave as if does not like somebody
Psychologist reveals there is a phenomenon in which we tend to love someone we thought we liked indeed. Be returned, in people who might not be too your liking, maybe they’ll be nice to you.


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