Peep the healthiest food in the world countries

Peep the healthiest food in the world countries

UNESCO recently issued report of the Human Development Report, and Norway was crowned as the world’s healthiest countries. Charge indicators will assortment, including life expectancy and average of years spent in school.

Such as what foods people Norway?


Morning food in Norway usually consists of bread (including the lefse, whole wheat bread or roll) with cheese, jam and butter. Norway people also eat fish or meat in the morning. Muesli breakfast menu also are common. Don’t forget the obligatory coffee as a drink in the morning.

Brunost aka chocolate cheese from Norway loved local community. Cheese made from cow’s milk curd from water or this goat had a sweet flavor with a texture similar to caramel. Norway people eating a brunost along with bread.

Norway’s food made to durable

Norway had a long cold winter climate that makes the public should play the brain so they can survive. Lefse, thin bread made so that Norway could last for months, but the taste is still tasty.
Fish and seafood

Surrounded by the sea, fish and seafood of course so popular foods there.

Berry sweet

There is the only in Norway the cloudberry grows in the wild. These berries can be eaten with whipped cream or transformed into jams so that it can be enjoyed for months when the cloudberry season has not yet arrived.

Waffle so snacks lunch

Waffle in Norway is thicker and richer taste than the American version. Sometimes waffle Norway made into a heart shape which looks sweeter. To complement these, apply chocolate cheese or sour cream and jam. Usually the waffle so snacks lunch for a friend drinking coffee.


Norway has called the best cake in the world: Kvæfjordkake which consists of sponge cake, vanilla cream and almond meringue are tantalizing.
Translator: Nanien Antoniouz


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