The Best Enamel Vault Price

The Best Enamel Vault Price

A mosque is a place of worship of Muslims, the mosque has a large building so that it can load many jammah menuaikan for worship to the creator. It turns out that the effect of built-up also emitted by the dome of the mosque is on the roof. Along with the development of technology, a lot of ornament of the mosque the more interesting vision, how not to arsiteturnya that the more charming, many Muslims came to worship and capture the moment in the mosque.

One example of this when looking at the dome mosque in Mosque Darusssalam Pensions Tropodo Waru Sidoarjo. The mosque has traction in the dome itself, the dome made of these dihihias enamel paint with blue green and yellow, too, so they have the impression masjit sanagt bright. Not only is it unisex Vault designed with golden colored. It turns out that many mosque architects provide a touch of elegance to a mosque, many of them also decorate the Mosque using esnamel because the quality is durable for more than thirty years and is also anti rust. Surely everyone wondering berpa roughly the price needed to vault enamael. Here’s some information about the price of the dome of the mosque of the enamel.

Determine the price of the dome of the mosque of enamel are kontraktor kubah masjid calculated by the following formula: broad dome = 3.14 x diameter x height. In general the prices Vault enamel per square meter range 1.3 million to 2.4 million. But the price varies adjust the type size of the dome, and other additional specifications. There are situated from the person who has the initiative to add a variety of colors as well as with the dominant colors, is certainly more extra, prices are also more expensive. There is also a menabah plafond kalsiboard airbrush paint finishing materials with motifs of clouds, husana, Asma al motif motif ornament, and plain. Prices for plain motif per square metre of around 500 thousand and motifs appreciated around 700 thousand.

The dome made of enamel on its own more expensive compared with the dome of the mosque was made stainsleesteel and also galvalum. Of course, the thickness of the enamel Vault has a thickness of more than second banan, the durability of the keduanyapun is also longer. For the dome of the mosque was made from stainleesteel and galvalum last only about 10 years. Unlike the staileesteel, the enamel can biberi galvalum and the desired color. With a look of quality and its specifications alone is a lot of architects or building workers use their enamel material as one reflection of a modern Mosque is the Mosque using the dome made of enamel. The enamel itself also has some kind of, one of them is enamel steel panels made from iron plate SPCC-SD 1 to 1.2 mm (speck enamel grade). It has three stages, namely the basic coloring coloring which in the oven with a temperature of 790 degrees Celsius, the second stage of coloring twice, and the last stage is the finishing of coloring.

Many of the entrepreneurs who struggled in the field of project materials and plafond Vault has a very diverse facilities, one of which they offer images of three-dimensional computer design dome in order to facilitate its customers menetukkan warnna and potif correspond to the desire. Especially for the dome of the mosque of the enamel, because it has excess could be plain or motif, so that more and more of the design that will be offered.

Although the price is a relatively expensive material of enamel, i.e. still ranges from 1.3 to 2.4 million. Price sometimes not why because such material has great quality. But the price is the price for the market on the island of Java, certainly if outside Java pricing for Vault enamel could reach two times more expensive than the island of Java, many orders come from outside of Java island. That certainly is expensive because of the cost of accommodation and transport the goods delivery in the message, because the material is ordered building materials so it has more weight and more definitely takes a lot of places.

Such information regarding the price of the enamel can vault you know. By knowing the price of the enamel material, will certainly give you a lot of options and considerations when going on a mosque.


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